PlastSistem is a reality born in the field of assistance of upgrading solutions for plastic injection molding machines placing itself as primary objective

evolution and application..

Two words can describe PlastSistem: KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE.

KNOWLEDGE of plants and molding equipment, plastic materials and applications, specific aspects of the molding process, and the skills to overcome any challenge.

EXPERIENCE assisting our customers technically and commercially, developing new equipment from the concept to the certification trials, improving and optimizing workflows and control cycles, improving mold changing operations, starting new productions and adjusting existing ones, achieving the best molding parameters.

Plastsistem has developed an innovative control management system for the injection molding machines, with a special focus on reducing the energy consumption, and suitable for all types of machines.

By matching the existing hydraulic systems, based on fixed displacement pumps, with advanced technological devices, the achieved performance and reliability are equivalent to those of a new machine, with an added energy saving compared to the original setup.

Our new control system can be applied in two configurations:

- Advanced: comprising the installation of a new electronic system and customized software, replacing the existing control system.

- Integrated: consisting in the installation of a programmable speed control on the pump motors, with the related control system. This version is well suitable for machines already featuring advanced electronics (with Video).

During our tests, we measured an energy saving ranging from 25% to 40% depending on the total machine cycle time.

We are so confident of our results, that we offer you a prototype [trial system] so you can experience first-hand the advantages of this control system.

PlastSistem is able to offer you the following services:

•Maintenance: periodic checks on machinery, checks of the safety devices, filters replacement and efficiency controls, hydraulic system efficiency checks, greasing of mechanical parts, calibration and tunings.

We can help you with counseling over the telephone and web (skype, whatsapp, mail), or directly with a visit on site, both Italy and abroad;

•Retrofitting of used machines: we are able to overhaul old machines, improving reliability and speed, and recovering from technological obsolescence, sourcing the necessary spare parts, and optimizing your production process with contained investments and in defined times;

• Sales of used machines: PlastSistem stocks various used machines, which are sold only after a series of thorough ans strict series of controls. On demand, we offer on these machines commissioning and after-sales assistance;

•Machinery transfer to Italy and Worldwide. Our procedure includes an initial check on the state of the machines and equipment; the disassembly and inventory of all the components; the preparation for shipping and if needed the search of a suitable transpoirt company; the reception of the material and check of its conditions at the destination site; the assembling, testing and commissioning;

•Spare parts: our laboratory can repair all the boards for the Sandretto presses, and offer new ones for the series 7, 8, Micro and 9 series, both for the PLC and for the manual control interface. For the other presses, we rely on the collaboration of various [the best] assistance centers.

•Training: we will be proud to share with you our experience of more than thirty years, offering training and refresher courses for your operators.

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the PlastSistem has several used machines, that are offered for sale after severe controls, and on request by customer we can give the our experience for the startup, and the service post-sale of the used machines.
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